Liked Pepe and Dogewifhat? You're gonna love Popewifhat! What's the project? It's just a freaking Pepe! But as a Pope!

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About Popewifhat

What is Popewifhat ?

$POPEWIFHAT is the new memecoin phenomenon. Combining the two hot trends of $Pepe and $Dogwifhat and backed by a strong community, $POPEWIFHAT is ready to shoot for the moon.

Dive into the $POPEWIFHAT adventure and become a true degen. Whether you're a meme lover, a crypto fan, or just here for the laughs, you're welcome.

Launched stealth with zero taxes, LP burnt and contract renounced, $POPEWIFHAT is a coin for the people, forever. Fueled by pure memetic power, let $POPEWIFHAT show you the way.


Check out the latest price of $POPEWIFHAT and see how it has been performing over time. You can also see the trading volume and market cap of $POPEWIFHAT.

How to buy $POPEWIFHAT

Ready to join the Popewifhat movement ? Follow these simple steps to buy $POPEWIFHAT and join us today!

Step 1

Create a wallet

Download the Phantom wallet from the Chrome Web Store or your favorite app store, and then create a new wallet.

Step 2

Get some SOL

Buy some SOL tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance and transfer them to your Phantom wallet.

Step 3

Connect your wallet

Go to your favorite DEX (Raydium, Jupiter, etc.) and connect your Phantom wallet to start trading.

Step 4


Use the DEX to swap your SOL tokens for $POPEWIFHAT tokens and start enjoying the ultimate meme coin experience.